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Collaborate Room Types - Staff Guide

Collaborate has three room types: Module, Session and Breakout. A room is where a Collaborate session takes place.

Note: It isn’t possible to restrict who has access to a room. When linking to a Collaborate area anyone enrolled on the module or organisation can access it, and any associated recordings.

Module Rooms

Module (Course) Rooms are always available as long as the module is available, and each module in Minerva has one. From the Details and Actions menu, the Module Room will be available by default by clicking Join Session.

Join session option

All teaching staff on the module are automatically added as Moderators.

You can use your Module Room as a permanent virtual classroom, and direct students here for all timetabled teaching. Unless you choose to lock the Module Room, it'll always be available for students to access.

Session Rooms

You can create session rooms where you want to create separate teaching spaces for activities, e.g. seminars that run on different days of the week.

You can set up sessions by clicking on the 3 dot icon, then Manage all sessions.

Manage all sessions option

You can access sessions directly by clicking on the arrow next to Join Session. Note that any sessions set up will only be visible when they are taking place, including the early entry time.

Option to join scheduled session

Breakout Rooms

Breakout Rooms are a special type of room as they can only be created within an existing Collaborate Room. They are used for small group collaboration and can be created by any Room Moderator.

Moderators move Participants in and out of the Breakout Rooms, or can apply a setting to allow participants to switch groups. Read more about setting up Breakout Rooms here.