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StREAM@Leeds Learning Analytics: Staff Guides

StREAM@Leeds is the University of Leeds Learning Analytics system.

Academic Personal Tutors and SES staff involved in engagement monitoring engage with StREAM@Leeds in different ways, the links below should help you to find guides most relevant to your role. Academic Personal Tutors can also search this site to find answers to their questions.

Getting started with StREAM@Leeds

If you prefer to focus on the essentials of using StREAM@Leeds for APT, (e.g. checking tutee course details, looking up ratified marks), we recommend the Learn more about your tutees, APT Essentials Guide.

Notifications in StREAM@Leeds identify students with no/low digital engagement

School SES teams use Notifications as part of engagement monitoring. Students may want to discuss their Notifications with their Academic Personal Tutor or school SES team.

Exemptions in StREAM@Leeds are used to prevent certain students from triggering Notifications

Students can contact their school SES team to discuss why an Exemption may apply.

Understanding a tutee's learning analytics in StREAM@Leeds

Your tutee may ask if they can discuss their learning analytics with you. These supplementary guides can help you to understand a tutee's StREAM@Leeds Dashboard, which can be helpful in facilitating meaningful conversations about their learning analytics.

This three-part series uses student examples shared with us by an experienced APT to demonstrate meetings in which the tutor and tutee have explored the StREAM@Leeds Dashboard together and identified ways forward.

  1. A student who is looking for ways to improve - Student Learning Journey One, Exploring StREAM@Leeds
  2. An engaged student who feels they may be struggling - Student Learning Journey Two, Exploring StREAM@Leeds
  3. A final year student who triggers a Notification - Student Learning Journey Three, Exploring StREAM@Leeds

Support and Feedback

LITE Evaluation of Learning Analytics

To get involved in the LITE Evaluation of Learning Analytics contact Dr Bronwen Swinnerton​. See Dr Swinnerton's profile.

Technical Support

For support using StREAM@Leeds, please create a request for support via the IT website.

Need help finding a guide? Not all guides are listed on this page, the A to Z of StREAM@Leeds guides lists all the StREAM@Leeds guides currently available on this site. Academic Personal Tutors can also search this site for answers to their questions.