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StREAM@Leeds is the University of Leeds Learning Analytics system. Utilising StREAM@Leeds will enable students and staff at Leeds to work together, ethically and transparently, to understand individual learning journeys and circumstances, to support students to reach their full potential and maximise their chances of success. The potential of StREAM@Leeds to radically change our approach to student education is really exciting. Students will be able to have increased autonomy over their learning and through enhanced Academic Personal Tutoring, they will have support that is more tailored to them as individuals to help them in achieving their full potential.
Dr James Pickering – Academic Lead, Learning Analytics Project

This short video explains the context for providing students with access to learning analytics and its relationship to the existing student engagement and attendance monitoring operating model. It clarifies the roles and responsibilities for students, Academic Personal Tutors and support staff.
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The University definition of Learning Analytics
Developed in partnership between students, academics and support staff
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StREAM@Leeds Guides

You can log in to StREAM@Leeds by going to https://stream.leeds.ac.uk

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Support and Feedback

To get involved in the LITE Evaluation of Learning Analytics contact Dr Bronwen Swinnerton​
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To provide your comments or suggestions on Learning Analytics complete the StREAM@Leeds Comments & Feedback form for APTs
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For support using StREAM@Leeds please log a request to​ IT Service Desk
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To share best practice and provide feedback on how to use StREAM@Leeds in your APT meetings, join the TIPS Community
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