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A to Z of Learning Analytics StREAM@Leeds Staff Guides

You may also find the A to Z of StREAM@Leeds Student Guides helpful to refer to if you want to signpost your students to relevant guidance.

Don't forget you can also search this site to find answers to your questions.


Accessibility statement for StREAM@Leeds
APT Guides, StREAM@Leeds guidance for APT Staff
Attendance Monitoring, Is StREAM@Leeds used for attendance monitoring?


Blue box has appeared on a student’s StREAM@Leeds profile, what does that mean?


Clock icon has appeared on a student profile, what does that mean?


Data, Where does StREAM@Leeds get data from?
Data, Can anyone change and make edits to StREAM@Leeds learning analytics data?
Data, Will data in StREAM@Leeds affect student grades?


Engagement Data, Will a student’s StREAM@Leeds engagement rating drop to none if they take a day off?
Engagement: Inactive, All of my students are in the Engagement Inactive category despite engaging with resources
Engagement Monitoring, Is StREAM@Leeds used for engagement monitoring?
Engagement Ratings, Are students expected to have high engagement ratings every day in StREAM@Leeds?
Engagement Ratings, How are my student engagement ratings in StREAM@Leeds calculated?
Engagement Ratings, Should I be worried if my engagement ratings in StREAM@Leeds are low?
Engagement Ratings, Student’s engagement ratings in StREAM@Leeds are changing a lot, is this a problem?
Engagement Ratings, What happens when a student has low engagement ratings in StREAM@Leeds?
Exemptions, What are Exemptions in StREAM@Leeds?
Exemptions, How to set up Exemptions in StREAM@Leeds
Exemptions, How to delete/amend Exemptions in StREAM@Leeds


Frequency, How often should students access StREAM@Leeds?
Frequency, Do students have to use StREAM@Leeds and is it compulsory?


Grades in StREAM@Leeds - where to find them
Groups, Create Groups in StREAM@Leeds
Groups, Filter or select a Group in StREAM@Leeds
Groups, Rename a Group in StREAM@Leeds


Learning Analytics, What is Learning Analytics?
Learning Analytics Code of Practice (this link will take you to the University of Leeds website)
Log in, Log in and get started with StREAM@Leeds


My Students View, Understanding the My Students view in StREAM@Leeds


Notifications in StREAM, who manages them
Notifications, Create Notifications in StREAM@Leeds
Notifications, Delete/duplicate a Notification
Notifications, Duplicating a Notification
Notifications, Can I stop Notifications for specific students
Notifications, What are Notifications and how are they triggered


Resource Activities and Engagement Ratings in StREAM@Leeds


SES, StREAM@Leeds guides for SES Staff
StREAM@Leeds, What is StREAM@Leeds?
Student Profile, Who can see a student's StREAM@Leeds Profile?
Student Profile, Interpreting a Student Profile in StREAM@Leeds