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STREAM A to Z of Learning Analytics StREAM@Leeds Staff Guides

This page lists the guides aimed at staff. You may also find the A to Z of StREAM@Leeds Student Guides helpful to refer to if you want to signpost your students to relevant guidance.

Don't forget you can also search this site to find answers to your questions.


Accessibility Statement for StREAM@Leeds (Staff and Student Guide)
Attendance, Is StREAM@Leeds used for attendance or digital engagement monitoring? (Staff and Student Guide)


Clock icon, What does the clock icon mean in StREAM@Leeds? (Staff and Student Guide)


Data, Can anyone change and make edits to StREAM@Leeds learning analytics data? (Staff and Student Guide)
Data, All of my students/tutees in StREAM@Leeds are showing as Inactive despite engaging with digital resources
Data, Does data in StREAM@Leeds affect student grades? (Staff and Student Guide)
Data, Which digital education systems and resources are used in StREAM@Leeds? (Staff and Student Guide)
Data, Which students have a StREAM@Leeds Dashboard?
Data, Who can see a student's StREAM@Leeds Dashboard/data?


Engagement Ratings, Does a student's Engagement Rating drop to Inactive if they take a day off? (Staff and Student Guide)
Engagement Ratings, What are they and how are they calculated
Examples, Student Journey One
Examples, Student Journey Two
Examples, Student Journey Three
Exemptions, What are they?
Exemptions, How to check if an Exemption has been applied in StREAM@Leeds


Homepage, Staff StREAM@Leeds Guides Homepage


Introduction to StREAM@Leeds


Learning Analytics, What are they?
Learning Journey Map, What does light blue shading on the Learning Journey Map mean? (Staff and Student Guide)
Log in, How do I log in to StREAM@Leeds? (Staff and Student Guide)


Notifications, what are they?
Notifications, Can I stop students from triggering Notifications in StREAM@Leeds?
Notifications, How to tell if my tutee triggered a Notification?


Search for a student/tutee in StREAM@Leeds


Tabs, Understanding what the different tabs on a student's StREAM@Leeds Dashboard show


Use, Do students have to use StREAM@Leeds (Staff and Student Guide)
Use, How often should students access StREAM@Leeds? (Staff and Student Guide)


Which students have a StREAM@Leeds Dashboard?

SES Guides

These guides are aimed at Student Education Service staff, and focus on how to use StREAM@Leeds to support the digital engagement process. Some of these guides also cover common questions SES staff may have when interpreting StREAM@Leeds data. SES guides do not appear in search results.


Access, Request access to StREAM@Leeds


Exemptions, What are they
Exemptions, How to amend/delete Exemptions in StREAM@Leeds


Faculty Student Success Officers Guidance


Groups, Create Groups in StREAM@Leeds
Groups, Filtering to or selecting a Group in StREAM@Leeds
Groups, Rename a Group in StREAM@Leeds


Homepage, SES StREAM@Leeds Guides Homepage


Notifications, How Very Low and No Engagement Notifications can trigger in the same week
Notifications, Reviewing No Digital Activity Notifications
Notifications, Reviewing Low Digital Activity Notifications
Notifications, Why has a student triggered a No Digital Engagement Notification when they appear to have been engaging?
Notifications, Why has a student triggered a Low Digital Activity when the appear to have been Inactive?
Notifications, who can create/delete/amend Notifications created for a school/faculty?


Start Here, An introduction to StREAM@Leeds and how it is used to support digital engagement monitoring