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StREAM@Leeds for SES Staff

School SES staff responsible for programme support, such as engagement and attendance monitoring have additional permissions in StREAM@Leeds, an example of this is the ability to create Exemptions and Notifications. We've highlighted these guides on this page. If you are looking for specific guidance, don't forget you can search this site or refer to the A to Z of StREAM@Leeds guides.

Log in to StREAM@Leeds by going to

Using the StREAM@Leeds System

What is StREAM@Leeds?

A brief introduction to the StREAM@Leeds system

Log in and get started with StREAM@Leeds

Get started with StREAM@Leeds by logging and taking a look at the data on the main dashboard

Exemptions in StREAM@Leeds

Notifications in StREAM@Leeds

Need help finding a guide? The A to Z of StREAM@Leeds guides lists all the StREAM@Leeds guides currently available on this site. You can also search this site for answers to your questions.

Support and Feedback

LITE Evaluation of Learning Analytics

To get involved in the LITE Evaluation of Learning Analytics contact Dr Bronwen Swinnerton​. See Dr Swinnerton's profile.


For support using StREAM@Leeds please log a request to​ IT Service Desk