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What are Exemptions in StREAM@Leeds? - Staff Guide

In StREAM@Leeds Exemptions are used to prevent specific students and SES school staff from receiving the automated notifications that are triggered to flag students who are not meeting selected thresholds of engagement or activity.

Exemptions can be set to cover any date range, and can be applied for one of 5 reasons in StREAM@Leeds:

  • Authorised Absence - The student has been granted an authorised absence from their faculty/school/institute via the Minerva Absence self-certification process or via the mitigating circumstances process. This can also apply to programme specific off-site fieldwork/field trips.
  • Break in Learning (DA) - The student is currently on an approved break in learning for their degree apprenticeship.
  • Dissertation Period – The student is currently completing the dissertation period of their degree, so is not expected to engage significantly with digital education systems.
  • Practice Placement Block – Student currently on a practice placement or is off-site as part of their learning.
  • Withdrawn – This can be used as a temporary exemption on a student record. Staff should be aware that student registration status changes in Banner can take a minimum of a week to reflect in StREAM. This exemption is to be used for students who are awaiting their banner registration to reflect temporary or permanent leave, or to stop notifications for deceased students pulling into Engagement reports.

Previously set up exemptions can be extended, moved or deleted as required.

How to tell if an Exemption has been applied to a student's record.

Light blue shading covering part of a student’s engagement rating line chart indicates a period of exemption has been applied.

Who manages Exemptions?

Exemptions are set up and managed by School SES staff responsible for programme support, such as engagement and attendance monitoring.

Please note that while the option to set up Exemptions is available to all staff users of StREAM@Leeds, they should only be set- up/edited/deleted by the designated SES Staff.

If you would like to know more about how Exemptions are managed in your School, please contact the relevant SES office for more information about who is responsible for this function.

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