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A to Z of Learning Analytics StREAM@Leeds Student Guides

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Accessibility statement for StREAM@Leeds
APT Guides homepage
APT Guide, Using StREAM@Leeds as part of your Academic Personal Tutoring meetings
Attendance Monitoring, Is StREAM@Leeds used for attendance monitoring?


Blue box has appeared on a student’s StREAM@Leeds profile, what does that mean?


Clock icon has appeared on a student profile, what does that mean?
Current Engagement Tab, What does the StREAM@Leeds current engagement tab show?


Dashboard, Understanding your StREAM@Leeds dashboard.
Data, Example of what your StREAM@Leeds data could look like.
Data, Understanding your StREAM@Leeds data.
Data, Where does StREAM@Leeds get data from?
Data, Can anyone change and make edits to StREAM@Leeds learning analytics data?
Data, Will data in StREAM@Leeds affect student grades?


Engagement Data, Will a student’s StREAM@Leeds engagement rating drop to none if they take a day off?
Engagement Monitoring, Is StREAM@Leeds used for engagement monitoring?
Engagement Ratings, Are students expected to have high engagement ratings every day in StREAM@Leeds?
Engagement Ratings, How are my student engagement ratings in StREAM@Leeds calculated?
Engagement Ratings, Should I be worried if my engagement ratings in StREAM@Leeds are low?
Engagement Ratings, Student’s engagement ratings in StREAM@Leeds are changing a lot, is this a problem?
Engagement Ratings, What happens when a student has low engagement ratings in StREAM@Leeds?
Exemptions, What are Exemptions in StREAM@Leeds?


Frequency, How often should students access StREAM@Leeds?
Frequency, Do students have to use StREAM@Leeds and is it compulsory?


Grades in StREAM@Leeds - where to find them


Learning Analytics, What is Learning Analytics?
Learning Analytics Code of Practice (this link will take you to the University of Leeds website)
Log in, How do I log in to StREAM@Leeds?


Notifications in StREAM, who manages them


Profile Tab, What does the StREAM@Leeds profile tab show?
Profile Tab, What is the StREAM@Leeds Profile tab?


Resource Tab, What does the StREAM@Leeds resource tab show?


StREAM@Leeds Student Guide homepage
StREAM@Leeds, What is StREAM@Leeds?
Student Profile, Who can see a student's StREAM@Leeds Profile?