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Understanding your StREAM@Leeds Student Dashboard - Student Guide

When you log in to StREAM@Leeds you will see your Student Profile on the dashboard that is displayed. Staff connected to you have the same level of access to your Student Profile as you - the same data is available to you both.

This allows you to take ownership of your data for clear and transparent conversations and support. To clarify, those with access to your individual profile are:

  • You
  • Your Academic Personal Tutor
  • Student Support Staff in your School/Faculty
  • Select University administrators managing the system

No other students, external individuals or organisations can see your Student Profile without your consent.

The StREAM@Leeds dashboard consists of three distinct areas:

  • A navigation bar which runs along the top of the screen.
  • The student profile header which sits directly below the navigation bar and contains general information about you.
  • 6 tabs sit below your Student Profile header. You can select each one to see more in-depth information.

The Navigation Bar

The navigation bar contains menu options and important information.

  • Profile
    Clicking this menu option takes you back to you back to the main dashboard.
  • FAQs
    Clicking this menu option will take you to a page containing links to various Frequently Asked Questions and other useful information.​​​​​​​

StREAM@Leeds navigation bar

  • Data Ingestion Indicator
    This shows when data has last been successfully imported into the StREAM@Leeds (from the selected university digital resources and systems). Data is ingested into StREAM@Leeds overnight - the indicator will display a green circle when it is up-to-date. A red circle will indicate when data has not ingested the previous day's data, and the date displayed will indicate when this was last successfully ingested. If your engagement data doesn't look right, this can sometimes be because the most recent data has not been ingested - this indicator helps you to identify the date the data was last ingested successfully

Data Ingestion Indicator StREAM@Leeds

  • Announcements
    University-wide messages can be broadcast to all students. Icons informing you there is an announcement can be found adjacent to the Data Ingestion Indicator. Announcements can range from information (white circle with an 'i'), warnings (yellow triangle with an '!') and critical (red circle with an 'i').​​​​​​​ Click on the icon displayed to read the announcement.
  • User Selection Menu
    Clicking on the person icon in the top right corner opens a drop-down menu which allows you to configure StREAM@Leeds to suit your needs, including changing language and switching to a 'Dark Theme' mode.​​​​​​​ You can also log out of StREAM@Leeds from this menu.

StREAM@Leeds platform

Your Student Profile Header

Your Student Profile header sits underneath the navigation bar and remains at the top of your dashboard even when you switch between tabs. This displays information such as your name, programme title and course year. There are also three indicators that allow you to quickly see key information.

1. Daily Engagement Bubble - This indicates your current engagement rating, reflecting on the previous day’s use of university resources.

Note: To stop your Daily Engagement Ratings fluctuating drastically day-to-day, they are calculated to also consider your activity over the previous week. This means if you don't interact with any resources over the weekend as you take a break, your Engagement Ratings won't plummet to the None category immediately. Increases/decreases in your Engagement Ratings will therefore be more gradual.

2. Average Engagement Bubble - This indicates your mean average engagement with university resources over the last 14 days.

3. Engagement Trend Bubble - This indicates whether your engagement presents any trend over the past few days of activity.


Under your Student Profile header, you will find tabs that allow you to find further information about your engagement. The active tab will be underlined. By default when you log in to StREAM@Leeds, the default tab you will see under your Student Profile header is the Current Engagement tab.

stream student engagement tab

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