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What does the StREAM@Leeds Resources Tab show? - Student Guide

The Resources tab in StREAM@Leeds presents a time-based representation of the data systems StREAM@Leeds is monitoring. Here you will be able to consider how much you are interacting with specific University resources on a more granular level compared to the Engagement Ratings.

Resource Cards

Each resource type is presented as a card containing a graph showing your resource activity (or your 'digital traces') with the date range selected in the top left corner of the tab.

Each resource card contains a line chart presenting your day-to-day participation, showing what you've used and when you've used them. There is also a total count of your activity with each resource in the bottom right of each card. By default you will only see your interactions with digital resources from the last week, so make sure to expand the date range to see your Resource Activities over time.


Resources Pie Chart and Activity Summary Table

Under the Resource Cards you will find the Resources Pie Chart and Activity Summary table. Please note that the data provided in this list is dependent on the date range applied at the top of the tab.

The Resources Pie chart exposes the ‘value’ of each resource/digital trace used when creating the Engagement Ratings found on the Engagement tab. Higher weighting is given to those resources that require more participation and better indicate active learning. You can use this chart to see how your daily Engagement Ratings are calculated.

The Activity Summary table provides total count of your digital traces for each resource type and the date the activity happened. This allows you to view which resources have been used on a specific day.

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