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What is Learning Analytics? - Student Guide

Five key things to know about Learning Analytics at the University of Leeds

1. What is Learning Analytics?

Learning Analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis, and reporting of data about learners and their contexts.

Professor James Pickering - Academic Lead, Learning Analytics Project

This data is collected as you interact with the various digital education systems available to you as part of your programme of study. It is collected to support you on your learning journey and to help the university optimise the environment in which learning and teaching takes place.

For staff, access to Learning Analytics will allow them to understand in more detail any barriers to success you may face, enable more informed conversations during academic personal tutoring, as well as provide support that is more tailored to you in order to help you in achieving your full potential. Along with providing you with access to your Learning Analytics dashboard, the university will also have access to the information provided in the system. This means that student support will be informed if your engagement drops below certain thresholds so they can provide help where appropriate.

3. How do I get started with Learning Analytics?

Through StREAM@Leeds, both students and staff have easy access to Learning Analytics through intuitive dashboards and can be accessed by visiting It is a web browser based dashboard that collects and aggregates your activity across a range of digital resources and systems into your own personal student profile. This website has several StREAM@Leeds guides to support you with navigating the system and understanding your data.

Having access to these engagement ratings will provide you with the ability to quickly review and reflect on your day to day interactions with digital education systems. StREAM@Leeds therefore allows you to consider your learning journey with a data driven context, whether during your academic personal tutor meetings, or within your own time throughout your studies.

5. Who can see my data?

The only people who can see your dashboard are you, your academic personal tutor and select support services staff within the university. The university takes access and ownership of your data very seriously, and as part of its approach to Learning Analytics, have developed a Learning Analytics Code of Practice. This was developed in partnership with students, academics and support staff from across the university.

For more information on Learning Analytics and StREAM@Leeds visit the Student Guides available on this website.