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Copy your Original Test to Ultra Course View - Staff Guide

Tests from Original modules (used for 21/22 modules and earlier) can be copied into Ultra Course View.

Copy a Test

Blackboard Tests can be copied in the same way as any other piece of content in Original modules. See the Copying Content in Ultra Course View guide for steps on how to copy. You copy Tests by selecting the link to the Test in your Original module (i.e. where the students accessed the Test).

Issue with changing dates after copying

Please note that there is an issue which might prevent you from editing the start date / end date / due date for a Test after it has been copied from an Original module to an Ultra module.  This can be fixed by making a further copy (ie, a copy of the copy, not a second copy of the original) within the Ultra module.

Question Pools

Question Pools have been renamed as Question Banks in Ultra Course View.

You can copy Question Pools from 21/22 modules to your Ultra Course View module. When you browse the contents of your module from the copy interface, you will see a section called Question Banks which contains all of the module’s Question Pools.

If you have Tests with questions linked to a Question Pool, the associated Pool will copy automatically when you copy the Test. However, if you have multiple Tests linked to one Pool, make sure you copy them all at the same time. If you copy multiple Tests linked to one Pool separately this will result in multiple copies of the Pool in your destination module with each Test linked to a different copy of the Pool. 

How will I know if my copy is successful?

When you first enter a copied Test, Blackboard will flag to you likely issues with your copied Test (e.g. if it contained question types which will not copy). Blackboard may not identify all issues and sometimes the information given in the copy report is not very detailed, therefore it is important to review your test after the copy.

All question types which exist in Ultra Course view will be copied across. These are:

  • Calculated Formula
  • Calculated Numeric
  • Essay
  • Fill in the Blank (including Fill in the Multiple Blank)
  • Matching
  • Multiple Choice (which includes Multiple Answer)
  • True/False

However, these question types have been rebuilt for Ultra Course view and some question and test settings are not exactly the same, this may have an impact on how your questions copy. We recommend you thoroughly check copied Tests. In particular, we recommend you utilise the Student Preview function to try out the test and check the scoring. The table below highlights what will and won’t copy from Original modules to Ultra Course View.

What will/won't copy from my Original modules

What will or won't copy from Original module Tests:
Function Outcome after copying
Question/Answer Text Copies successfully. You may notice differences in formatting.
Images/files within answer text Copies successfully.
Text feedback for correct/incorrect answers Copies successfully. You may notice differences in formatting.
Images within feedback for correct/incorrect answers. These will not copy and will need to be re-added.
Feedback for individual answers Feedback for individual answers in Ultra Course view is not possible. This feedback will not copy across.
Points per question Copies successfully.
Partial credit Copies but correct answer scores will always be weighted evenly.
Negative marking Multiple Choice/Answer negative marking options will copy but you cannot have a score below 0 in Ultra Course View. The scoring for multiple answer questions has changed (see the comparison guide linked to below). Negative marking options for matching questions will copy and you can have a score below 0 in Ultra Course View.
Example answers (in Essay and Short Answer questions) Example answers are not supported in Ultra Course view. These will not copy across.
Show answers in a random order This is now a test level setting which will need to be enabled on the copied Test.
Test instructions These will not copy and will need to be re-added.
Text accompanying link to test Copies successfully.
Question pools Question Pools and Tests containing questions linked to Question Pools can be copied. Note Question Pools are called Question Banks in Ultra Course View modules.

For full details of the differences between Original modules and Ultra Course View Tests, see our Original vs Ultra Course View Blackboard Test comparison.

Deploying the Test to students

Your copied Test will be unavailable to students by default. Make sure you review the Test settings before making your Test available to students.