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Adding files to your Module Content Area via Content Collection - Staff Guide

Users who are experiencing issues uploading files to the Module Content area may be able add files by adding them to the Content Collection first. Please see the guidance below on this workaround:

Uploading your content

1. Within Module Content navigate to the area where you want to add your content and select the + icon. You may need to hover beneath content items to make the + icon appear. Select Content Collection from the drop down menu.

2. The Content Collection page will open, click Browse Content Collection

You may be asked how you want to open the Content Collection, choose from either:

  • Open in current window
  • Open in a new window

and click OK.

The Browse Content Collection page will then be displayed on screen.

3. Select the Upload tab and choose Upload Files from the drop-down menu that appears.

6. Either

  • use drag and drop to add your files (by dragging them to the Attach Files area) OR
  • click Browse Local Files to select the files stored on your computer, (that you want to add to your module). The Open file window will open, find your file(s), and click Open.

Your file(s) should now be listed under the Attached files section.

8. Click Submit. The Browse tab will now be displayed and the file(s) you added will be listed, ready for you to add to your Module Content area.

Now to add the files to your module/organisation

9. Select the file(s) you want to add to your Module Content area and click Submit.

10. The Browse Content Collection page will close and you should now see the Content Collection page. If you want to edit the file name or add a description, select three dots menu (next to the size column of the file you want to add) and click Edit.

11. Replace the default item name as required, and add a description if relevant.

12. Click Save, then Save again.

The item will now be listed in your Module Content area. New content is added as hidden from students by default, you can change this by selecting the Hidden from students text, then change it to Visible to students.

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