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Add Video from Mediasite - Staff Guide

You can add video from the University’s Lecture Capture and Media Management service Mediasite to your module or organisation. You can add a secure link, or it can be embedded directly in a Document.

If you are looking for information on module Lecture Capture recordings and how they can be accessed in a module, see Lecture Capture in Minerva.

In this guide

The two ways to add video from Mediasite:

Add a secure link

You can add links to individual recordings stored in Mediasite within your Minerva modules once they have been published:

  • For ad-hoc recordings you will need to manually publish the video(s).
  • Automated lecture captures are automatically published after 72 hours unless otherwise specified by the video owner.

For guidance on manual publishing, see the publish Mediasite content guide on the IT website.

2. Select Content Market from the menu options displayed, this will open the Content Market panel.

3. From the Institutional Tools listed, find Mediasite Content and click the box. This will load and open the Mediasite Content panel.

4. You will be presented with three options:

  • Add Existing Media:
    • Presentation - choose this to add a video that you have uploaded to Mediasite, or search for videos that have been made publicly available, or available to just people at the University of Leeds.
    • Collection - choose this to link to a video from your module collection(s), these are usually automated Lecture Capture recordings.
  • Upload New Media:
    • Upload - choose this to upload a new recording.

Choose the relevant option, in this example we will choose Presentation.

5. Locate the video you want to add and click Add to 'Your Module Name' and then select Presentation Link from the drop down menu. The link will be added to your module.

You can also add video from Mediasite into a Document by selecting the + icon within your Document, selecting the Add Content option and then from within the Document, in the editor, select the + icon and choose LTI Item. You would then follow steps 4 and 5 as outlined above.

Embed directly into a Document

1. Before you embed a Mediasite video you will need to ensure the correct permissions are set on the video and obtain the embed code, read the How to share content in Mediasite article on the IT website before following the steps below.

2. In your Module Content area, either create a new Document in the relevant place, e.g., the Week 1 Learning Resources Learning Module or edit an existing Document. If you've not created a Document before, see Create a Document, for step-by-step guidance, the basic steps have been outlined below.

3. To create a new Document, select the + icon and choose Create from the Module Content area in your module. This will open the Create Item menu panel.

2. Select Document from the Module Content Items shown.

3. The New Document/editing space will be displayed on screen. Begin by changing the name of your Document by replacing the default name, you can do this by clicking the New Document text in the top left of the screen to edit it.

4. You will see prompts below the Document name which guide you to use the space to build your document, choose Add HTML.

5. A code editor will be displayed, paste the embed code for your video in the editor.

5. Click Save to finish. Your video should now be embedded within your Document.

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