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Should you create a new Top Hat course for 2021/22?

Top Hat

Guidance for Staff who used Top Hat in 2020/21

Top Hat courses do not rollover automatically. Staff who used Top Hat in 2020/21 should create a new Top Hat course for 2021/22 if they:

  • Used the LMS Sync to sync your course to a module in Minerva (this creates a link with your Minerva module so that it can automatically add the student cohort from that particular year/semester).
  • Used your Top Hat course to deliver summative assessments.

For further guidance and how to copy content from one Top Hat course to another, see Do I have to create a new course for this year? Staff Guide.

I am a student and used Top Hat last year, do I need to do anything?

You'll still have access to your Top Hat account so won't need to create a new one. Once teaching starts, some of your tutors will automatically add you to their Top Hat course whilst others may send you a join code so you can join their Top Hat course. If you're not sure how to use the join code, see Join a Top Hat Course using a Join Code