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Navigating PebblePad for APT - Staff Guide

1. Log-in to PebblePad:

  • Go to
  • Make sure University of Leeds account is selected and click Login to PebblePad.
  • You will then be asked to enter your University of Leeds credentials ( and password) and sign-in.

pebblepad log-in sign-in

2. You will be taken to the PebblePad homepage. Click on the blue globe icon from the top left of the page, this will take you to ATLAS.

3. Select the Manager's Dashboard tab (if it's not already displayed). You will have a separate workspace for each year group of tutees in the 'Workspaces I am managing' section.  Each APT workspace will begin Year 1/2/3/4/5/PGT followed by the abbreviated name of the school, for example Year 1 CHEM.  Please note that, for a short while during the beginning of the 2022/23 academic year, you will see workspaces listed here for all years, even if you don't have a tutor group in those years.  If you do not see any tutees in these workspaces when you click on them, please ignore them.  This will soon be tidied up so that the only workspaces you see listed reflect the tutor year groups that you have.

gif of editor selecting manager's dashboard in atlas and then choosing a workspace

4. Select the APT workspace you want to work on.

5. You should be taken to the Submissions page > Members tab where you will see a full list of the tutees that you are looking after, (for the workspace you chose in step 4). You will be able to see the name of all your tutees regardless of whether they have edited their APT workbook (this is different to 2021/22, when you would only see tutee's listed if they had edited their APT workbook). For each tutee:

  • If someone, (e.g. you or your tutee), has already edited the workbook, you will see a View submission option.
  • If no one (e.g. you or your tutee) has edited the workbook, you will see a Generate submission option.

To see if the tutee has provided any information about what they would like to discuss, select View submission for the relevant tutee, to open their workbook. N.B. You won't need to do this for workbooks shown as 'Generate submission' as your tutee has not yet edited the workbook so they won't have indicated what topics they want to discuss.

6. In your tutee's workbook, click My APT to reveal the drop-down menu, and choose My 22/23 APT Meetings > Meeting 1, this will open the relevant Meeting page. For subsequent meetings you'll choose the relevant Meeting number, e.g. Meeting 2.

7. Scroll down the page to see if your tutee has provided any information about what they would like to discuss in the Before your meeting please think about what you would like to talk about and Other sections.

8. For 22/23, a revised and improved version of the workbook has been created.  All tutees must use the new version of the workbook moving forward and advice for them on how to find the new workbook is available here.  There is the option for tutees to bring the old workbook into the new, to continue sharing with tutors if they would like.  If tutees have done this and have asked you to take a look at their old workbook, you will find the it in the My Assets tab of the new workbook.

9. During or after a meeting, complete the Assessor fields, (fields labelled COMPLETED BY: ASSESSOR ONLY are for staff to use).

9a. Enter the date of the meeting in the Select date field to confirm the meeting has taken place. Click Save and Release.

9b. Scroll down towards the bottom of the page, and in the Your APT's Meeting 1 comments field enter any comments you want to make about the meeting. Select Save and Release when you are done.

9c. Optionally, in the Next planned meeting field, add an estimated date of your next meeting and click Save & Release. The date you have entered will be saved. Adding a next planned meeting can help your tutee plan and book accordingly.