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StREAM@Leeds for APT - Quick Start Guide - Staff Guide

Find your tutee's profile in StREAM@Leeds

Video Guide


Written Guide

1.  Log-in to the Windows Virtual Desktop or Remote Desktop Gateway:

  • If you are not sure how to access the Windows Virtual Desktop (WVD) or Remote Desktop Gateway (RDG), see Getting Connected to WVD/RDG guidance on the IT website.
  • You do not need to log in to the Windows Virtual Desktop or Remote Desktop Gateway if you are accessing StREAM@Leeds from an on campus, networked PC.

2. Log-in to StREAM@Leeds:

You should then be taken to the StREAM@Leeds Management Information dashboard.

3. Click on the MY STUDENTS option from the Navigation bar running along the top of the StREAM@Leeds dashboard to see your list of tutees.

4. Use the search function to find the relevant student. Your list of students should then filter to show you a summary for the student you are looking for. Click their name to enter their record and see their profile.

5. Use their learning analytics data to get a sense of their general profile, you will also be able to see any ratified grades. Consider learning analytics data against other information you have about your tutee. See interpreting your tutee’s student profile, and using StREAM@Leeds during APT meetings for further guidance.

If you see anything in their learning analytics that is of concern or you are unsure of how to interpret their data (e.g., exemptions or engagement monitoring flags), contact SES colleagues for clarity.

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