How do I find my LeedsforLife workbook? – Student Guide

The LeedsforLife workbook has been refreshed this year. Whether you are new to Leeds or continuing your studies here you should use this new workbook to reflect on your experiences at Leeds and to prepare for meetings with your academic personal tutor.

To find the right workbook in PebblePad.

1. Go to PebblePad:

2. Log in using your university username and password. You will arrive at the PebblePad homepage which is made up of a number of cards showing different information.

3. On the card where your name is shown, click on the Resources link which appears underneath, to open your Resource store.

4. In your Resources store, you will see a workbook with a name beginning with ‘LeedsforLife’.

  • If you are an undergraduate student you should see the LeedsforLife UG Workbook.
  • If you are a postgraduate student, you will see the LeedsforLife PGT Workbook.

This is the workbook you need to use this year. Click on the name of the workbook to enter and begin using it.

You can engage as much or as little with the workbook as you want. You are encouraged to complete some, if not all, of the ‘My APT’ section as this will let tutors know what you want to discuss during your academic personal tutoring meetings.

Are you a returning student? Read on!

If you were a student at the university last year, you will see last year’s undergraduate and postgraduate workbooks in your Resource store along with the new workbook. Last year’s workbooks have a similar name to the new workbook, but they begin with ‘UG’ or ‘PGT’. Leave the workbooks that start with ‘UG’ or ‘PGT’ and make sure you choose the one that starts with LeedsforLife.

Old workbook nameNew workbook name
UG LeedsforLife WorkbookLeedsforLife UG Workbook
PGT LeedsforLife WorkbookLeedsforLife PGT Workbook

If you started filling in your workbook last year and you would like to continue sharing that with your academic personal tutor, you can add the old workbook to the new one, to help keep all your notes in one place.

Guidance on adding your old workbook to the new one

Open your new workbook, click the My assets tab. This will reveal the drop down option, My 2021/22 Workbook. Select this to find simple instructions for adding the old workbook.

Further Help and Support

If you are having technical trouble, please contact the Leeds IT Service Desk by logging a request for support using the Log a general request form.