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Using StREAM@Leeds as part of Academic Personal Tutor meetings - Student Guide

You can use StREAM@Leeds to discuss your digital engagement and activity during your Academic Personal Tutoring (APT) meetings with your tutor. The data shown on your StREAM@Leeds dashboard is identical to what your tutor sees when they access StREAM@Leeds which allows you to have clear and transparent conversations.

It is recommended that you both access your StREAM@Leeds profile and consider the data to prepare for the meetings and have issues ready to discuss. You can let your tutor know you would like to look at your data by noting this down in the Learning Analytics section of the LeedsforLife Workbook in PebblePad.

StREAM@Leeds allows you and your tutor to work in partnership to identify patterns of engagement to support you on your personal learning journey. By accessing StREAM@Leeds independently or with your tutor, you can take control of your learning and develop nuanced strategies to help reach your potential.

Please note that while both you and your tutor will have been provided information and training on StREAM@Leeds, the system is still new and there is more to discover.

Using StREAM@Leeds to prepare for your APT meetings

Before attending your APT meetings, log into StREAM@Leeds via the URL:

Enter your University of Leeds credentials ( and password) and then click Sign-in, you should then be taken to your StREAM@Leeds dashboard.

Look through your data before your meeting to consider additional context or information as to why your Engagement Ratings may present themselves in particular ways so that you and your tutor can focus on any areas of particular concern or need of support.

While looking through your Profile, you could ask yourself:

  1. On your Student Profile Header (includes three circles at the top of the screen) - are your daily and average Engagement Ratings as you would expect?
  2. Are your Engagement Ratings trending in a particular direction? Is this in line with the current demands of your course?
  3. Looking at your Engagement Line Chart over the last few weeks, do your Engagement Ratings fluctuate drastically or are they steady? If so, is this what you would expect?
  4. Do any high or low periods of engagement align with the changing demands of your course?
  5. Are your Engagement Ratings in line with or mirror the Cohort Average and the Top 25% Averages?
  6. Are there any Notifications or periods of Exemptions on your Profile? If so, do you understand why they are there?
  7. Looking at your Engagement Calendar, are you receiving higher or lower Engagement Ratings at particular points of the week? Does this match up with how you currently study?
  8. By looking on the Resources tab, which resources have you interacted with the most/least? Is this what you expect?

After considering your data, you can note down your thoughts by answering the questions in the Learning Analytics section of the LeedsforLife Workbook in PebblePad. By doing so, you and your tutor will have prompts for your upcoming meeting.

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Further Help and Support

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