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A to Z of Top Hat Staff Guides

You may also find the A to Z of Top Hat Student Guides helpful to refer to if you want to signpost your students to relevant guidance.

Don't forget you can also search this site to find answers to your questions.


Accessibility Statement for Top Hat
Account, Create a Top Hat staff account
Assessment environments available in Top Hat
Asynchronous content, Creating self-paced Top Hat content


Concierge Service, Getting help setting up Top Hat tests
Course content in Top Hat
Course, Create a Top Hat course


Grades (see Marks)
Guest access to a Top Hat course
Guest participation in Top Hat


Introduction to Top Hat
Invite Students to join your Top Hat course


Log in, How to log in to Top Hat


Marks, Marking long answer questions in Top Hat
Marks, Top Hat Gradebook
Marks, Sync marks from Top Hat to the Minerva Gradebook


OTLA, Setting up online time limited assessments in Top Hat


Presentation Tool in Top Hat


Question types available in Top Hat


Removing Students from a Top Hat course
Roll Over, Do I need to recreate my Top Hat course if I used it last year?


Staff, Add or remove staff from your Top Hat course
Student Preview, See what your Top Hat course looks like to students
Sync Top Hat with your Minerva module
Synchronous content, Present synchronous Top Hat content to an in-room audience (on-campus)


Weekly Course Report, what it shows you

Can't find what you are looking for?
We've included guides here that are specific to Leeds along with direct links to some of Top Hat's more commonly used guides. If you can't find the answer you are looking for on this site, Top Hat's support website has help and guidance on Top Hat's functionality.