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Top Hat: Student Guides

Top Hat is an online system that staff can use to assign teaching and learning activities for you to access either live and/or asynchronously. It can also be used to deliver summative and formative assessments.

Staff can set different types of questions (e.g. multiple choice, fill in the blanks) and discussion topics within Top Hat and assign these for their students to complete. Students respond via a web browser or app on their own device. Students need to create a University of Leeds Top Hat account (see below) before they can take part in activities that use Top Hat.

If you are looking for specific guidance on how to use Top Hat, don't forget you can search this site. You may also find theĀ A to Z of Top Hat guides on this site helpful.

Getting Started

Create a Top Hat student account

Before you can take part in teaching and learning activities that use Top Hat you'll need to create a University of Leeds Top Hat student account. Find step by step instructions on how to do this here.

Join a Top Hat course with a Join Code

Your tutor may ask you to join their course using a join code, guidance on how to do this can be found here.

Access Top Hat content

Instructions on how to access Top Hat content that is assigned to you.

Tips on downloading and using the Top Hat app

Once you've created a University of Leeds Top Hat account the Top Hat app can be a useful app to download.

Search this site

Don't forget, you can search this site for the guidance you are looking for.

Formative and Summative Assessments

FAQ's for students taking Online Time Limited Assessments in Top Hat

If you've been told that you're going to be set an assessment to complete within Top Hat that is online and time limited (OTLA), here are the answers to some commonly asked questions to help you prepare.

Need help finding a guide? The A to Z of Top Hat guides lists all the Top Hat guides currently available on this site. You can also search this site to find answers to your questions.