How to share and collaborate on Padlet with an individual user

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You can share your Padlet with an individual user and allow them to view and contribute. This is useful in case you intend to collaborate with another user rather than sharing it with a group. Please note that Padlet refers to individual users as members and for this purpose they need to already have a Padlet account.

1. On the top right corner click Share and select Add Members. Search using either their name or Padlet username.

gif of editor adding a member on padlet by clicking "Share", then "Add members" and selects one from search results

If the member you would like to add does not know their username, they can find it on the top left of their home page.

screenshot of username on padlet homescreen

2. Click on Can read and select from the pop-up screen the permissions to assign to the individual user.

gif of editor adding member permissions on Padlet by clicking "Can Read" and selecting one of the options

3. Click anywhere on the grey background to close the pop-up screen and then click Save.

gif of editor clicking on grey background of padlet permissions and then clicking "Save"

4. The individual user receives an email notifying them they have been added to the Padlet. Alternatively, you can provide them with the URL, which they can use to access it.

< See all Padlet: Guides for Staff
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