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Other Tools for Staff

This page lists other digital education tools available to staff for learning and teaching.

These are in addition to the main list of tools and systems.

Box of Broadcasts (BoB)

BoB (Box of Broadcasts) is a shared online off-air TV and radio recording service for UK higher and further education institutions. Learn more about BoB.

Explorance Blue / Module Evaluations Tool

Collect module evaluations with Explorance Blue. Learn more about Explorance Blue.

Jisc Discovery Tool

The Jisc Discovery Tool allows you to assess your digital capabilities. It aims to aid understanding and self-reflection and then highlights opportunities for you to develop your skills. Learn more about the tool.


This online service allows interactive coding lessons to be created using a cloud-based computational notebook service. Learn more about Noteable.

Reading List System

The Library collect staff reading list recommendations using the Minerva Reading Lists system. Learn more about the system.

Online Surveys  

Online Surveys (formerly Bristol Online Surveys or BOS) is a powerful, easy to use tool for designing, distributing and analysing online surveys. Learn more about Online Surveys.