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Request a new system or tool - Staff Guide

Request a new system or tool

Staff at the University can request approval to use new digital education software/tools for use within their School or Faculty or request a system that has a University wide need.

When purchasing or renewing software/applications there are minimum standards that must be met to ensure the University meets all its internal policy and legal requirements in areas such as:

  • Data Protection and Information Security (ensuring that staff and student’s personal information and otherwise confidential data is effectively secured and used appropriately).
  • Accessibility (making sure that the software or services are accessible to all).
  • Procurement (checking that contractual terms cover the proposed use of the software or service and that the purchase complies with the University’s procurement rules).

To help you through this process, you will need to fill in the Contract Information for Software Compliance (CISC) form to request approval for use. Renewals of our existing services are included in this approval process.

Go to the CISC form on the IT website

You will need to be signed into the IT website to be able to view and submit this form.

Further guidance on the CISC form and process can be found on the IT website, see Buying Software - Contract Information for Software Compliance.

The previously separate 'New Digital Education System Request' form is now part of the CISC form. It is no longer necessary to complete a separate form to obtain DES approval for a Digital Education System as this is now handled as part of the CISC process on the IT website.