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Request a new system or tool - Staff Guide

Staff at the University can request new digital education systems and tools for use within their School or Faculty or for tools that may have a University wide need.

Alongside the request for new tools, the form can be used to seek approval for a tool that is already being used but has not gone through any University approval process.

Requests received for new digital education tools will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and will be investigated to ascertain the level of demand, understand the requirements, whether tools already available can meet the requirements and whether the need is at School/Faculty level or a University wide need.

Due to the varied nature of tools available and requirements, we cannot provide timescales within which requests will be reviewed and associated actions completed. We ask colleagues to consider this when making a request by providing as much notice as possible and being aware we cannot guarantee a request will be approved or that we will be able to meet a requested date of implementation.

Staff should use the new system or tool request form to make any of the following requests:

  1. Request the procurement and implementation of a new digital education system or tool (including free to use tools).
  2. Request authorisation to use a digital education system or tool that you are already using with taught students (only required for systems/tools that have not been approved for use within the University).
Go to New System Request Form

This form should only be completed by members of staff. You will need to be signed into Microsoft 365 using your University log in credentials to be able to view and submit this form. If you are not signed in, you will be prompted to do so before you can view the form.