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Other Tools for Students

This page lists other online learning tools available to students. You'll also find links to guidance for tools currently being piloted on this page.

These are in addition to the main list of tools and systems for student use.

Box of Broadcasts (BoB)

BoB (Box of Broadcasts) is a shared online off-air TV and radio recording service for UK higher and further education institutions.  Learn more about BoB.


CampusPress is a tool for creating blogs and websites for teaching and learning purposes. Students can create and manage their own blogs on the WordPress platform, using a range of accessible themes. Learn more about CampusPress.

Jisc Discovery Tool

The Jisc Discovery Tool is based upon the six elements of the Jisc digital capabilities framework and helps you to assess and record your digital capabilities. Learn more about the Discovery Tool.


MATLAB Grader lets tutors set coding assignments and quizzes for you to complete. Learn more about MATLAB Grader.


Tutors may set you STEM assessments and interactive learning activities using Möbius. Learn more about Möbius.

Online Surveys  

Online Surveys (formerly Bristol Online Surveys or BOS) is a powerful, easy to use tool for designing, distributing and analysing online surveys. Learn more about Online Surveys.


Podcasting is available through two systems to accommodate different approaches, Soundtrap for Education supports module activities and audio assessment whilst PodBean is available to both staff and students for podcasts intended for distribution. In pilot. Learn more about the Podcasting tools.


Turn digital assets into interactive materials by adding icons or tags to embed video, text, audio, infographics and more. Your users will be able to hover over a tag or icon to interact with additional content. In pilot. Learn more about ThingLink.