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How to download submissions from Turnitin with rubric marks included - Staff Guide

There are two ways to download Turnitin submissions with rubric marks included:

  • The first way is much quicker for individual submissions. This is done from the document viewer (i.e. in Feedback Studio).
  • The second way is from the assignment inbox and is best for bulk downloading submissions.

Download an individual submission

1.  From the Turnitin assignment link open the assignment inbox.

a) click on the grade of the student.

b) This will bring up the document viewer in Turnitin Feedback Studio where the marking has been done.

c)  Select the download arrow icon from the tool menu on the right.

screenshot of download icon

3. From the options presented choose Current View.


It may take a short while for the download to happen, and you should see a message saying that the download is being prepared towards the top of your screen.

The downloaded PDF will contain the overall assignment grade, and the marked rubric items will be at the bottom of the report that is downloaded.

All the possible rubric items will be displayed, the ones that are displayed in bold type are the ones that have been applied.



Bulk downloading from the assignment inbox

1. From the Turnitin assignment link open the assignment inbox.

Tick the checkbox next to student name to select the submissions you would like to download.

2. Then click on the Download button on the right.

Select to download as GradeMark PDFs.

You will see a message on your screen that tells you your files are being compressed into a zip file.

When the compression is ready it will be available in your notifications tab. This may take a while.

3. Access your notifications by clicking on the bell icon at the top right of the inbox.

You will see your notification message.  Click on the drop down arrow to open the message.

4. Download the compressed file by clicking on the link to the zip file in the notification message.

The results are downloaded as individual submissions with the overall assignment grade and all the rubric items. The rubric items that have been applied are those displayed in bold type.

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