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Collaborate Tools - Staff Guide

You can load GIF, JPEG, PNG PDF and PowerPoint files to Collaborate by sharing the files or application. For the best experience, it’s recommended that you share the file.

Read the guide: Sharing Files

The Audio feature allows session Participants to use a microphone and speakers to participate in the audio portion of a session.

Read the guide: Using the Audio & Video Panel

When using video in a session, gallery view enables the moderator to see up to 25 videos at one time. The zoom control can be used to reduce or increase the number of videos visible. There is also the choice of Tiled view or Speaker view, which puts greater emphasis on the person speaking.

Read the guide: Video in Collaborate

Application Sharing allows a Moderator or Participant to share any application or the entire desktop with other attendees. Make sure that any Moderator or Participants are using either Chrome or Firefox as their browser if you intend to use this tool.

Note: Collaborate doesn't capture drop down menus, or right mouse clicks. To do this you will need to use the Share Application/Screen > Entire Screen option.

Read the guide: Using Application Sharing

You can split participants into smaller groups that then work together in a separate room. Breakout rooms have their own separate functions e.g. application sharing, chat etc.

Read the Collaborate guide: Breakout Groups


Text-based communication is available using the Chat tool.

Read the guide: Using Chat


The Polling feature allows you to poll your participants at any time, with the ability to add your own custom questions and answer choices. You can control whether or not participants see responses.

Read the guide: Using Polls

The Whiteboard can be used to collaborate with participants to add text or draw.

Read the guide: Using the Whiteboard