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Who can see my StREAM@Leeds Dashboard/data? - Student Guide

As a student, when you log in to StREAM@Leeds you will see your Dashboard. Everything you see on your Dashboard is only accessible by:

  • You
  • Your Academic Personal Tutor
  • Select Student Support staff in your School/Faculty responsible for programme support, such as engagement and attendance monitoring
  • StREAM@Leeds administrators who manage the system and provide technical support

This allows for open, supportive conversations with you based on up-to-date information, for example staff from the Student Education Service Team may contact you as as part of the digital engagement monitoring process to offer support as appropriate. No other students, external individuals or organisations can see your Dashboard or learning analytics data without your consent.

Whilst the Cohort and Top 25% averages on the Learning Journey Map shown on your StREAM@Leeds Dashboard are calculated using data from you and your course mates, this will only be an aggregate value, therefore there will be no way for someone to identify your or any other individual student's Engagement Ratings.

Finally, it's important to know that the University of Leeds will not share your data with any external individual or organisation without your consent. The University of Leeds takes access and ownership of data very seriously, and as part of its approach to learning analytics, have developed a Learning Analytics Code of Practice (opens in a new window) which stipulates that the data collected will only be used to support student wellbeing, education and outcomes. This was developed in partnership with students, academics and support staff from across the university.