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Microsoft Teams: Student Guides

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform, and is also one of three virtual classrooms in use at the University (the others are Zoom and Collaborate).

The University of Leeds currently uses three Microsoft Team types: Minerva Class Teams, Class Teams and Other.

You may hear the term Minerva Class Teams and Class Teams during your studies, these are a type of Microsoft Team used for learning and teaching activities. Minerva Class Teams and Class Teams look very similar to the 'Other' kind of Team, the main differences are that a Minerva Class Team can also be accessed through a link in your Minerva modules/organisations. Minerva Class Teams and Class Teams also contain a Class Notebook that your tutors may ask you to contribute to.

The 'other' category of Microsoft Teams are usually used for any other collaborative use. The use of these kinds of Teams can vary and you may find you become a member of a number of these kinds of Teams over the course of your studies.

You can find a number of help guides on using Microsoft Teams on the Leeds IT Service Desk knowledge base. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, head on over to Microsoft’s Support website.

Find and open a Class Team you are a part of

There are two ways for you to find and open a Class Team, learn what these are.