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Add the pronunciation of your name to your Minerva profile

You can add text and/or audio to help staff and students with the pronunciation of your name. They will see this information in your Minerva modules (in the roster, discussions, messages, and groups.) 
To do this, click on your name in the Minerva Global Navigation menu: 

Click on Add pronunciation. 

1. In the Pronunciation field, enter a phonetic spelling of your name.

2. Next click the Record name pronunciation link.

  • You may need to click Allow to allow your browser to use your microphone 
  • You will see a 3,2,1 countdown before recording begins 
  • Record your name 
  • Click the Stop button when you have finished recording.

3. Click Play name pronunciation to listen to your recording. If you are not happy with it, click the X to delete it and create a new one.

4. Important: Click Done to save your changes. 

Tips for adding a phonetic spelling of your name:

  • Separate syllables with dashes 
  • Use capitals to indicate which syllable should be stressed 
  • Carnegie Mellon University have put together some instructions on phonetic spelling which may help you.

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