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Minerva: Student Guides

Minerva is the University's Portal and Virtual Learning Environment. It provides quick access to many other digital tools and to the online materials for your modules

To access Minerva, go to and sign in using your and password. You can find help on Minerva using the links below. If you are looking for specific guidance, don’t forget you can search this site. You may also find the A to Z of Minerva Guides helpful.

Getting Started

Find guidance on how to move around Minerva, and other guides to get you started.

Keep Track

Staff may send you messages, announcements or set deadlines for work, these guides will explain the ways you receive notifications and how you can keep track.

Module Content

Your tutors will use the module content area to make learning materials (content) available to you. You'll notice different types of content, some of which you'll use to interact with your peers, find guidance on these and how to interact with them.

Assessment and Grades

Guides to help you understand how to submit online assessments, and access your grades and feedback.

Accessibility in Minerva

Learn how to download alternative formats and take advantage of improved Minerva usability features.

Virtual Classrooms in Minerva

Your tutor(s) may ask you to take part in online classes, these can be hosted in one of three different virtual classrooms, learn how to access them.

A to Z of Minerva Guides

Looking for something specific? Try the A-Z for all our Minerva guides for students.

Need help finding a guide? The A to Z of Minerva Guides lists all the Minerva guides currently available on this site. You can also search this site to find answers to your questions.