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Join the 2023/24 Noteable Computational Notebook Pilot


Following a successful first pilot in 2022/23, when LUBS students used Noteable within their modules, we'd like to invite you to take part in a second Noteable pilot which will take place during the 2023/24 academic year.

What is Noteable?

Noteable is a cloud-based computational notebook service, based on Project Jupyter, which works in your browser and provides a way of working with the languages Python and R, with broad applications across disciplines from Business and Geoscience to Statistics and Machine Learning.

Notable integrates with Minerva and is provided and is supported by EDINA at the University of Edinburgh.

The benefits of using Noteable:

  • Noteable provides powerful applications like Jupyter, a web tool that lets you create interactive documents by combining text and code
  • For teachers, Noteable enhances coding exercises with context and is great at supporting hybrid learning, and students can use the platform to experiment with code without dealing with complex development software. Noteable includes out-of-the-box support for Python and R languages
  • Noteable is suitable for use within a variety of disciplines and the built-in Jupyterhub software makes it even more valuable by simplifying class setup, which means that teachers can create ready-to-use workspaces and load resources in advance of their teaching.

How to join the pilot:

If you, or your colleagues, are interested in joining this pilot, please submit a ticket on the IT Website titled "FAO Digital Education Systems: Noteable Pilot". Please pass this information on to your local areas.

You can also access our Staff Guides to find out more about Noteable.

Noteable Information Event

In the approach to the 2023/24 Notable pilot activity, the Digital Education Systems Team recently joined forces with the Digital Education Enhancement Team and staff at the University of Edinburgh on 6 September to host an information event for staff, detailing their experiences of using Noteable within their work.  This included:

  • Elliot Crowley, Lecturer in Machine Learning and Computer Vision in the School of Engineering at the University of Edinburgh
  • Pawel Orzechowski, Lecturer in Programming for Business at the University of Edinburgh Business School. Pawel co-wrote an article on "The Online Pivot" discussing digital education tools including Noteable
  • Contributions from University of Leeds staff in Engineering and Physical Sciences, Faculty of Biological Sciences and Leeds University Business School