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Labster New Custom Quiz Editor

New Features / Bug Fixes / Releases

Labster has recently introduced a custom quiz editor to their simulation platform. This feature enhancement, which has been frequently requested by Labster users at the University, enables tutors to tailor simulations to their module cohort and link their own multiple-choice questions to the simulation, and can be used to tailor learning experiences that align with  teaching and assessment objectives.

Tutors can use the quiz editor to support learning by:

  • modifying and adding questions
  • exploring specific topics
  • adjusting the level of difficulty of questions to match student levels
  • aligning the simulation with your module content

More About Labster

Labster has been available at the University since Summer 2021. It is a powerful 3D laboratory training software which delivers over 300 virtualised laboratory simulations and is used in STEM courses and other subject areas across the University.

Labster also offers a rich library of 3D science animations, quizzes and theory components and lends itself to asynchronous working as a virtual laboratory supplement used in conjunction with a physical laboratory practice.

Aimed at undergraduate and foundation level studies and focused within a virtual science campus setting, Labster provides a real-world laboratory replacement which gives learners the opportunities to test experiments and practice lab techniques and procedures in a safe environment.

Labster is integrated with Minerva and you can quickly and easily search for and add simulations to your module.

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How Labster can help your students

Paolo Actis, Associate Professor of Bio-nanotechnology in the School of Electronic and Electrical Engineering, uses Labster to complement lectures in the module Medical Electronics & E-Health, using simulations including ELISA and Gel Electrophoresis.

Students can complete the labs in a computer cluster or at home. The labs are well-created, fun and interactive and students greatly benefit. Labster allows them to visualise complex biological concepts that they have never studied before at University and this is particularly important for Engineering students.

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Labster Simulation Catalogue

Take a look at Labster’s Simulation catalogue, which features a wide range of simulations covering topics from biology, chemistry and physics through to more specialised sciences including STEM, microbiology and chemical sciences. An example of a recently added Simulation is:

Blood Components: Dive into the microscopic world of blood cells!


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Where can I get a Labster demo or more help?

You can find guidance on adding Labster simulations to your module at the Digital Education Systems Help website.

You can also join a Labster demo and training session or book one-to-one Labster support, with sessions available until January. Contact Katherine Turner at for more information.