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Labster Simulation Updates: July 2022

New Features / Bug Fixes / Releases

Labster is a 3D laboratory training software which delivers interactive, virtualised laboratory simulations and courses to offer an immersive learning experience. New simulation labs have been released this month covering  organic chemistry and anatomy and physiology.

New labs released include:

  • Identification of an Organic Compound by Spectroscopy: How fast can you escape?
  • Aromatic Compound Nomenclature: Naming benzene’s derivatives
  • Electrophilic Aromatic Substitution: Mechanisms and resonances
  • Synthetic Polymers: Discover their impact on everyday life
  • Introduction to the Male Reproductive System: Dive inside the duct system!
  • Introduction to the Central Nervous System: Explore your body’s command center!
  • Skeletal Muscle Movement: Build your own muscle system
  • Body Planes and Sections: Locate a chimpanzee’s injuries

More information on the new simulations is available from Labster and guidance on adding Labster simulations is available from the Digital Education Systems website. Bookable introductory sessions are also available.