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Labster: Staff Guides

Labster is a 3D laboratory training software.

It delivers interactive, virtualised laboratory simulations across STEM and other subject areas to offer an immersive learning experience.


What is Labster?

An introduction to Labster, 3D laboratory training software

Adding Labster Simulations to your module

Labster is integrated with Minerva via an LTI integration and students will access simulations via Minerva. Find out more here.

Creating a custom quiz in Labster

Labster has a quiz editor that allows you to modify questions or add new ones in Labster simulations. Fnd out more here

Accessing the Labster Dashboard

The Labster dashboard allows you to see student progress through the simulations. Find out more here.

Open and Play Labster Simulations in Accessibility mode

Use keyboard navigation, screen readers and accessibility mode features in Labster

Need help to find a guide? The A to Z of Labster guides lists all the Labster guides currently available on this site. You can also search this site for answers to your questions.