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LeedsforLife APT Systems Training Available in September and October


Academic personal tutoring (APT) is at the heart of LeedsforLife (the University’s commitment to helping students make the most of their time at Leeds), helping students maximise their success and ensuring they feel they belong as a member of the vibrant academic community here at Leeds.

The new LeedsforLife systems – PebblePad, StREAM@Leeds and Microsoft Bookings with me – will support APT in their roles. There are currently three training options available, delivered by the Digital Education Systems Team.

New to PebblePad or used it before? Why not take five minutes to watch this screencast to see the enhancements we’ve made, based on APT feedback, as well as a step-by-step walk through of the things you need to know to get started with PebblePad.

You can then decide what additional training or support you might benefit from - either further step-by-step written guidance and videos to explore at your own pace or you could attend online training delivered by the Digital Education Systems team.

Getting started with PebblePad, StREAM@Leeds and Microsoft Bookings with me

A one-hour session providing a walk-through demonstration of how to use the three LeedsforLife systems for APT (PebblePad, StREAM@Leeds and MS Bookings with me). We will provide plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

Fifteen Minute One System Demo

Fifteen minute sessions providing a walk-through demo of the steps involved with a specific system:

1-2-1 One System Direct Support

1-2-1 bookable appointments for direct support with a specific system, available from 12th September: