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Minerva Monthly Update - January 2023

New Features / Bug Fixes / Releases

The January update to Minerva introduces updates to Messages, Tests, Gradebook and Discussions.

New Features and Improvements 


You can now easily send a module Message to just students on the module. When you compose a message, select the option ‘All Students’. 



There were restrictions on when you could use randomisation – it wasn’t available if you had certain types of content in a test e.g. a text block, page break, or file/image. Now you can enable randomisation regardless. The non-question elements are locked in place and the test will randomise the questions between those non-question elements. Where you use page breaks, the questions randomise within their assigned page. 

Essay question 

You can now add an example answer to essay questions. Staff will see this when marking. Students will also see the model answer if you choose to let students see correct answers for the Test.  


Grade History now includes information about whether a grade has been posted to students (when they are posted, students can see them). This information is in the Event column of the Grade History download. 

Find the Grade History in your Module Gradebook by selecting the download icon and then Grade History:


You can now lock a discussion after the due date has passed. When selected, students can’t create, reply to, or edit posts after the due date. Students with a due date accommodation set in the Minerva module can continue to create, reply to, and edit posts after the due date.

Click on the cog icon in individual Discussions to review settings. The new setting appears under the Due Date option: ‘Stop discussion activity after due date.'