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PebblePad Monthly Update - March 2024

New Features / Bug Fixes / Releases

New PebblePad releases for March 2024

  • SV2 Exporting
    When accessing a submission educators will see a new tab in the sidebar, allowing you to export the asset you’re viewing as a pdf. For learners, in Pebble+ the print option in the ‘I want to’ menu will change to ‘Export’ with a PDF icon.
  • Open Evidence in a new tab
    PebblePad are introducing the "Open in New Tab" button for attached evidence. You can select to open attached evidence in a new tab or stay within the current tab.
  • Favourites indicator
    Following the introduction of favourites from the February update, now when you add an item to your favourites from any of the PebblePad stores, a heart icon indicator will appear to signify that the item has been favourited.

When will the releases be available?

The release will be available on 27 March 2024. You can access the PebblePad Release Notes for further details.

PebblePad showcase webinar – April

The next showcase webinar will not be live due to the Easter holidays. All previous and new showcase sign-ups will receive the recorded webinar on Friday April 5th by email. Please note if you have previously signed up to a showcase, no further action is needed.