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PebblePad Monthly Update - May 2024

New Features / Bug Fixes / Releases

New PebblePad releases for May 2024

  • Improved Screen Reader Labels
    Screen-reader labels for 'Cancel', 'Confirm', and 'Remove this page' buttons have been enhanced when updating Workbook or Portfolio page titles, providing a more accessible experience for users with visual impairments.
  • Enhanced Colour Contrast for Delete Buttons
    The colour contrast of the 'x' (delete) button on Pebble+ builder blocks has been darkened to meet accessibility requirements, ensuring better visibility for all users.
  • Optimised Touch Screen Performance
    Touch screen performance in builders has been optimised for mobile devices, resulting in a smoother and more responsive user experience.

When will the releases be available?

The release will be available on 30 May 2024. You can access the PebblePad Release Notes for further details.

PebblePad showcase webinar – June

The next showcase webinar will not be taking place due to PebbleBash 2024.