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Updates to LeedsforLife APT systems for 2022/23


Since the new LeedsforLife systems (PebblePad, StREAM@Leeds and Microsoft Bookings) were launched in autumn 2021, many of you have been in touch to tell us about some changes you’d like to see.

The LeedsforLife project team, colleagues in the Digital Education Service and OD&PL, as well as the team at PebblePad, have been working hard to resolve the challenges you identified.

Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve achieved so far:

Workbook content is overwhelming for tutors to review
All information a tutor needs to facilitate a one-to-one tutorial is now available within a single ‘My APT’ section. This makes a distinction between the APT meeting agenda and the wider workbook resources which students can use, consider and submit (if and when) appropriate to them and you.

I can’t access a student’s workbook unless they submit it
To ensure that tutors can access workbooks for all their tutees PebblePad has launched a new feature called ‘Assessor Submissions’. This allows tutors to open workbooks regardless of whether a tutee has already viewed it.

We would like to see our tutees arranged by year of study
Each tutor will now have a separate and easy to find workspace for each of their tutee year groups for the start of the 22/23 academic year.

I need a tool to help me easily arrange a meeting with my tutees
Microsoft Bookings – Book with Me has recently had a visual refresh and has been redesigned with simpler scheduling in mind. These changes make it much easier for tutors to use the tool to arrange and manage their meetings through Office365.

I would like to be able to view the following student data: a photo of my tutee, their course and year of study, their ratified module marks
The student profile page within StREAM@Leeds will allow tutors to view all this information.

Training and development

Show people the systems in a ‘hands on’ way, and help them to use it
We have overhauled the systems training to make it easy and quick to familiarise yourselves with the essentials needed for academic personal tutoring.

Throughout September we will be running:

  • a full suite of online training resources allowing you to explore the systems at your leisure
  • walk-through sessions and Q&As so you can be guided through bite-size pieces of the LeedsforLife systems and get your questions answered

Dates and times are to follow. If you would like a demonstration specifically for a group of tutors in your school, then please contact Gail Hardwick directly to arrange this.