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PebblePad Training On-Demand

PebblePad training is delivered by OD&PL and the Digital Education Systems Team. You can find and book onto upcoming training sessions by visiting the OD&PL Course Catalogue or the Digital Education Systems Courses & Events.

If you are unable to attend the available training dates, or prefer to learn at your own pace, recorded versions of the training sessions can be accessed from the links below.  There are also step-by-step guides for staff and step-by-step guides for students available on the Digital Education Systems Help website.

The below recorded sessions are aimed at staff using PebblePad to share information online or to build content for teaching and learning. If you are looking for training as part of your LeedsforLife APT role, please search the OD&PL Course Catalogue.


Pebble+ is the first component of PebblePad and it is the personal learning space. It offers tools to create records of learning, experience and achievement, and for staff to create template scaffolds to support students in producing structured projects.


ATLAS is the second component of PebblePad and it is the institutional assessment space. Workspaces are located in ATLAS and are used for tutors and assessors to view submissions, add feedback, grades.