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PebblePad: Student Guides

PebblePad is a versatile system enabling you to demonstrate and share your skills and knowledge in a variety of ways from portfolios to blogs.

You may use PebblePad as part of the LeedsforLife academic personal tutoring programme and you may be set PebblePad assignments within your course. You can also make good use of PebblePad for your own personal development.

The University of Leeds has its own login address for PebblePad: Please use this when logging into PebblePad. If you are looking for specific guidance, don't forget you can search this site. You may also find theĀ A to Z of PebblePad guides on this site helpful.

Getting started

6 Minute Onboarding

Watch 6, one-minute videos provide an introduction and overview of PebblePad.

Make the Most of PebblePad

Did you know?

With PebblePad you can gather together resources and information of different types and display them in one place, offering you a chance to build collections of assets that reflect who you are, what you do and how you want to present yourself.

If you want to be able present information online to share with others, you might find the PebblePad Showcase with examples of how it has been used by other Students at Leeds helpful, see PebblePad Showcase.

Maximising PebblePad for University Life

Hear some great tips on how to make the best of PebblePad during your time at Leeds from Deo, Student Ambassador.

Graduating - Alumni Access

You can continue using PebblePad via an Alumni Personal account (including your portfolio's, reflections, images, etc) after you leave Leeds. Find out how to activate your PebblePad Alumni Personal account.

PebblePad FAQs

Find answers to Frequently Asked Questions about PebblePad.

Need help finding a guide? The A to Z of PebblePad guides lists all the PebblePad guides currently available on this site. You can also search this site for the answers to your questions.