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Academic Integrity Summary for Summative Assessment - Staff Guide

An academic integrity summary needs to be added to the description field in Minerva on all links to summative assessments. The summary is needed as the University requires students to actively confirm what is in the Declaration of Academic Integrity each time they submit a piece of summative assessment.

The academic integrity summary is as follows:

By submitting work here you confirm you have read and understood the University’s definition of Academic Integrity and the University’s rules on Academic Misconduct and are aware that if you commit an academic misconduct offence there can be serious disciplinary consequences. For more information see:

Please be aware that hyperlinks do not work in the Minerva description field so students will need to copy and paste the link to be directed to the web page.

The Summary statement needs to appear next to each summative assessment in Minerva:

Screenshot of AI text on Minerva


Instructions on how to add/edit the description field in Minerva

Blackboard Test or Assignment

To add the academic integrity summary to Blackboard tests or assignments you will need to do this in the settings. Create a new test or navigate to one which has already been created. Once in the test, click on the cog icon to see the settings for the test. Once the side panel appears, scroll to the bottom of the settings and you will see the description field. Here you can copy and paste the academic integrity summary and click Save.

gif of Minerva Test

Top Hat, PebblePad and Gradescope

For these systems, you will need to manually enter the text into the description field in Minerva. To do this you will first need to create the link to your assessment. Once the link is created click on the three dot icon to the right-hand side of your link. From the options provided select Edit. A side panel will then open, allowing you to enter a description. Copy and paste the academic integrity summary into the description field and click Save.
Gif of Minerva Platform


For Turnitin, you can add the academic integrity summary to the instructions when you create the Turnitin assessment.

If you have already added instructions, edit them by following the steps  in the Top Hat, PebblePad and Gradescope section of this guide.

Assessments submitted outside of Minerva

For any assessments submitted using a digital platform not integrated with Minerva (e.g. MS Teams, MSCAA Exam Write, CAFS, Sp@rk, etc.) the summary statement must be added to the individual assessment instructions/brief.