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Staff Guide to Assessment Systems

This page has links and information about the most widely used digital assessment tools. Faculties/schools may have specialist software they use for their particular subject areas, these are not listed below.

The assessment tool you will use is dependant on your assessment methods, with a choice between Blackboard tools built-in to Minerva, such as Blackboard Assignments, Blackboard Tests, Minerva Discussions and Journals, and integrated tools such as Gradescope, Turnitin, PebblePad and Top Hat. If you are looking for specific guidance, don't forget you can search this site

Blackboard Assessment Tools

Built-in Minerva Blackboard tools that can be used for assessment.

Blackboard Test

Blackboard Test is the built-in testing tool in Minerva which can be used for formative and summative assessment. It offers a variety of question types. It is accessed from within Minerva.

Blackboard Assignment

Blackboard Assignments is the built-in tool in Minerva. It can be useful for submissions which do not require checking for plagiarism (Turnitin should be used for text-based assessments in general). It is accessed from within Minerva.

Integrated Assessment Tools

We have a variety of integrated assessment tools available; these are extra tools which we have purchased and integrated with Minerva. For integrated tools, in general you should enter marks and feedback in the tool interface (e.g. Turnitin).


A tool that allows you to set a number of different assessment types, including handwritten work and computing code.


Turnitin is a submission service designed to detect and prevent plagiarism and support online grading.


Can be used for portfolios, evidence gathering and more.

Arranging External Examiner Access

Quality Assurance have advised that external examiners must have a Leeds IT account before they can be given access to submissions and any other University systems (e.g. Minerva).

See, Leeds IT accounts for external examiners for guidance on how this can be arranged.

Academic Integrity Summary required for all summative assessments

An Academic Integrity summary needs to be added to the description field in Minerva on all links to summative assessments regardless of the tool being used to deliver the assessment.

See the Academic Integrity Summary guide for guidance on how to add this and the text you need to include.