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Getting started: Multi-mode teaching from teaching spaces - Staff Guide

Multi-mode teaching describes the delivery of content in a teaching room to both in-room and remote students simultaneously whilst supporting full interaction between all participants. In-room and remote students are able to see and hear each other and interact through standard collaborative methods (e.g. chat and polls).

The University currently has a number of teaching rooms on-campus that support multi-mode.

Why you might use multi-mode teaching

Multi-mode teaching can provide benefits to you and your students by:

  • Enabling students who are unable to attend campus to participate in your teaching sessions.
  • Offering students who are unable to attend campus the ability to interact and collaborate during your teaching sessions with students who are are on campus.
  • Enabling the involvement of remote speakers (including international) in interactive teaching sessions.
  • Increasing the numbers of students participating in your teaching sessions above on-campus room capacity reducing the need to repeat teach.

Multi-mode rooms differ to rooms with Live Streaming functionality. Live streaming does not support interaction between the in-room and remote students, it is better suited to one-way teaching delivery to both in-room and remote students simultaneously.

How will I be supported in delivering multi-mode learning in a multi-mode room?

For scheduled teaching sessions

When you request a multi-mode room for scheduled teaching sessions for credit-bearing modules (arranged through your School Timetabler), you will be contacted before the start of teaching by colleagues in the Digital Education Enhancement team. They will work closely with you to understand your requirements and ensure you are fully supported in delivering your teaching using the multi-mode technology. You will be offered a multi-mode assistant, who will be available in your teaching room to support you with your session, and to help you support full interaction between all participants.

Once you confirm you would like a multi-mode assistant, if the details of your booking change (e.g. time/date/cancellations), we ask that you let the Digital Education Enhancement team know so that they can let the assistant know of the changes:

For ad-hoc teaching activities

For ad-hoc teaching activities that are not on the teaching timetable, please email to discuss support options.

For non-teaching events

Please contact the Facilities Team via to discuss support options.

Which teaching rooms are multi-mode?

Currently, four rooms have multi-mode capability, the first two can be booked for general teaching or multi-mode:

  • Mechanical Engineering LT B
  • Worsley SR 9.57

These two rooms are exclusively for multi-mode delivery:

  • Michael Sadler SR LG.15
  • Michael Sadler SR LG.19

During the multi-mode pilot a larger subset of rooms were included, feedback from users of these rooms allowed us to identify which rooms worked well for multi-mode delivery. We also considered frequency of use. Following the pilot analysis, the above rooms were identified as being the most suited to multi-mode delivery.

Will I need to change my teaching methods?

It is likely that changes to pedagogy will need to be made to maximise the benefit of multi-mode teaching. Colleagues from the Digital Education Enhancement team will work with you to tailor your content to the delivery.

Can anyone use the multi-mode teaching rooms?

Yes, we encourage academic staff to get involved, and priority is given during the annual room allocation process to teaching. Once teaching starts and rooms are opened for general booking, any member of staff can book a multi-mode teaching room in line with the University's room bookings policy.

How do I book a multi-mode teaching room?