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Releasing Grades and Feedback in Turnitin - Staff Guide

Moderation and Late Penalties

Before feedback is released, you may need to have papers moderated and apply late penalties. If the inbox is still anonymised, the only way to moderate papers is by Paper ID. You may want to make a note of the Paper IDs that are moderated for future use and to check the names of moderated students when the anonymity is removed.

It is common practice to make a note that the paper has been moderated in the general comments section of the paper, followed by the initials of the academic.

Initials of moderator in comment

Late Penalties will also need to be applied whilst the inbox is still anonymised - and before the feedback is sent back to the students. To add a late penalty, you should change the grade in the top right hand corner; and add a note in the general comments so the student is aware of the change.

Moderation comments added to paper

Release of grades and feedback with anonymous marking

Marks are returned to students on the feedback release date. This will also turn off anonymity so you can see the student names, and return marks to the module Gradebook. Typically you will need to bring the feedback release date forward to release marks.

Go to the assignment inbox and click on the Cog icon.

Cog icon to edit feedback release date

Change the Feedback Release Date to the date and time you want the mark and feedback to be visible. This can be the current date/time.

Feedback release date to be changed

Click Submit for the changes to be made. Grades will automatically be entered into the module Gradebook.

Manipulating the feedback release date backwards and then forwards can cause loss of grades. Set the feedback release date well in advance and bring the date forward on one occasion when the feedback is ready to be returned.

Take care when moving the feedback release date if you want to reveal student names but do not wish to show grades to students yet. The only workaround would be to hide the assignment from student view manually before doing so. This also hides the Gradebook column. Conditional release cannot be used as a way to set a different date, as dates must align with those set in the Turnitin assignment.

You can hide the entire assignment by going to the link in the module, and switching the conditional availability to hidden from students instead.

Drop down menu to hide assignment

Release of grades and feedback with non anonymous marking

Where the assignment has been set to be non-anonymous, the feedback release date remains the point at which grades and feedback are released, and grades added to the module Gradebook. The process above applies to changing feedback release date to the present in order to release grades and feedback.