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Vevox Participant Guide

How do I access Vevox to join a session?

You can go to in your web browser, either on your phone, laptop or tablet. Or you can download the ‘Vevox’ app from your app store.

Once you are on, you will need to enter the 9-digit Session ID that will be given to you by the presenter/lecturer/meeting host. You will also have the option to scan a QR code to take you directly to the session.

How do I answer polls?

The polls will automatically appear on your phone/laptop/tablet when the presenter opens each poll. It will then ask you to submit your answer. Select your relevant choice. There will be an instruction on your screen to tell you:

  • if your vote was submitted automatically,
  • if you need to press 'Send' to submit your answer or
  • if you want to change the answer press the clear button.

How do I ask questions?

The main way to ask questions as a participant is through the Q&A message board. If the Q&A board has been switched on you can access it by clicking on the middle icon on your screen that looks like a speech bubble. (If there is a red dot next to the speech bubbles, it means that there are new messages.)

You will find the space to type your message/comment/ideas or questions at the top of your device screen. Press the 'Arrow' when you are finished typing and are ready to send the message to the Q&A board for all to see.

You can upvote a comment from another participant by tapping the 'thumbs up' icon.

You can also sort your own Q&A board by most recent or most like. Alternatively, when your Q&A board is very busy, filter it to show only:

  • messages that you have submitted
  • messages with replies on them
  • or all messages in the Q&A board.

How do I answer a survey?

A survey contains polls that can be answered in your own time and at your own pace (in other words no live polling). When the survey has been created and ‘started’ by the presenter, it will appear in the clipboard icon on your screen ready for you to answer. Your presenter will let you know if there is a certain time/date that you need to give your answers by. Simply click on your selected answer and look out for the ‘Submit’ button at the end of the survey.

A self-paced quiz will also appear here. This means you will be scored on the questions and will be able to see the correct answers after completion.