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Vevox Guides for Staff and Students

Vevox is an audience engagement platform that allows presenters to interact with their audience during lectures, meetings, or events. It provides a range of interactive features that enable participants to ask questions, respond to polls, participate in quizzes, and provide feedback using their smartphones, tablets, or computers.

Getting Started

What is Vevox?

An introduction to Vevox.

How to log into Vevox

Instructions on how to log into Vevox using the University of Leeds Single Sign On.

Vevox session settings

Guidance on the settings you can apply to your Vevox settings


Create and share a Vevox Poll

Step-by-step instructions and how to create and share a basic poll in Vevox.

Create a student authenticated poll on Vevox

Instructions on how turn on authentication for a Vevox Session

Types of Vevox Polls

Details on the types of poll that you can create in Vevox


Vevox PowerPoint Add-in

Information on how to use the Vevox PowerPoint Add-in

Vevox Teams Integration

Information on how to use the Vevox Teams Integration

General Topics

Vevox Participation Guide

Information to help you participate in a Vevox Session

What is a Vevox Q&A?

Information about a Q&A within a Vevox Session.

What is a Vevox Survey?

Information on Surveys hosted on Vevox.

Need help finding a guide? If you are looking for specific guidance the A to Z of Vevox Guides lists all the Vevox guides currently available on this site. You can also search this site for the answers to your questions.