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Vevox Poll Types

You can create the following question types in a poll:

Multichoice polls

A multichoice poll is where you ask a question and the participants have a number of options to choose from.

You can decide if the participant can choose only one option or you can set the poll so that the participant can choose more than one option.
You can even show if there is a right answer to your poll.

Multichoice polls guidance on Vevox's website

Word Clouds

A word cloud is a collection or cluster of words depicted in different sizes, or an image that visualizes the most important words. The bigger and bolder the word appears, the more often it’s mentioned within a given poll and the more important it is.

Word cloud guidance on Vevox's website

Ranking polls

With a ranking poll, it is all about the order of the choices that are voted upon.

There are two ways of asking a ranking poll:

  • Rank the choices in order of preference (No right or wrong answer here.)
  • Or rank the choices in the correct order. A point gets allocated if ALL the options were ranked in the correct order.

Ranking polls are an excellent tool for market research and testing knowledge.

Ranking polls guidance on Vevox's website

Rating polls

In this poll participants can rate using the generic 5-star rating scale. They simply click on the number of stars that represent their choice.

Rating polls guidance on Vevox's website

Numeric polls

Numeric polls are used when you want your participants to enter any number within a range you specify.

You can also do the following with numeric polls:

  • Indicate the correct answer if there is.
  • Allow answers with up to two decimal places.
  • Allow for a margin of error for the correct answer.

Numeric polls guidance on Vevox's website

Text polls

Text polls are questions that don’t just need a simple 'yes' or 'no' answer, instead it requires the participant to elaborate on their points.

When a text question is asked, the participant can click on the answer box and their mobile keyboard will appear. After they have finish typing they must press the send button. With a text poll, participants can enter a response of up to 2,000 characters including emojis.

Text polls guidance on Vevox's website

Pin on image polls

A pin on image poll is where you can ask a poll and your participants have to point to specific parts of an image, identify sections on an image or indicate their preferences on an image.

You can decide if:

The participant can place one pin on an image.
Or you can set the polls so that the participant can place multiple pins on the same image.
You can set correct answers to your image poll.

Pin on Image polls guidance on Vevox's website

Multichoice on image polls

This polling type is based on a basic multichoice poll. The difference is that this poll has an image with the choice/answer options displaying as numbers on the image.

Multichoice on image polls guidance on Vevox's website

XY plot polls

XY Plot (also called the Scatter chart) is a question type typically used for

  • risk assessment
  • impact analysis
  • or anywhere you need to see the relationship between two data points.

Most common axes used in these questions are impact vs likelihood. Viewing such data on a chart can help management to prioritize the potential risks within an organization.

XY Plot polls guidance on Vevox's website

LaTeX notation polls

A LaTeX notation poll is where you ask and test complex mathematical formulas or expressions.

LaTeX in polls guidance on Vevox's website