Buddycheck: Staff Guide

Buddycheck is a tool for peer evaluation of group work contribution. Evaluations are created in the Buddycheck system and when the group work is done, students complete the evaluation, scoring their own and their peer’s contribution to group work.  Buddycheck then calculates an adjustment factor from the students’ responses. This can be used to update a mark awarded to students for any group assessment marked via Minerva.

Buddycheck is integrated with Minerva and both staff and students must access the tool via their Minerva modules. We are piloting this tool until early September 2022.

Buddycheck Guides

How to assign students to group sets, and how to connect Buddycheck to your module.
Create an evaluation in Buddycheck and link to your student group sets.
If student data changes in your Blackboard groups after you created the evaluation, you will need to re-sync the data.
You can choose to release the results of the evaluation so that students will see what scores they received from their peers.
You have the option to link the Buddycheck peer evaluation to an assessment in the Minerva Grade Centre and create an adjusted grade based on feedback.

Resources provided by Buddycheck

Buddycheck have a number of video demonstrations available.

Please note: In some of these videos, Buddycheck is accessed via a different VLE so before Buddycheck launches, the experience will be slightly different. We have some settings disabled at Leeds. For example, it is not possible for students to send peer messages via Buddycheck.

Video demos (All in Vimeo)

Other Guides