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Troubleshooting Gradescope - Student Guide

Submitting handwritten assignments

If you need to submit a handwritten assignment to Gradescope, it is recommended that you scan your work and submit this as a PDF file. Gradescope recommends your PDF is no larger than 100MB. Larger files may be rejected due to the time it takes for Gradescope to process them. Gradescope’s guide (PDF) recommends scanning apps that can be used with iOS and Android devices.

Why won't my assignment load in my browser?

Your browser settings may be blocking third party cookies, which stops certain tools from being opened in Minerva. Some browsers such as Safari and Firefox stop third party cookies by default. If your assignment has not launched and is stuck on the loading screen, you can try loading the assignment in a different browser. Or you can adjust your browser security settings.

If you are using a Safari browser, click on the Safari menu, then Preferences. Select Privacy, then make sure Prevent cross-site tracking is unticked.

Safari settings

If you use another browser or need more help, there is also a guide on enabling third-party cookies on all major browsers.

I lost my internet connection

If you lose connection to the internet during your exam, the test will remain open for you to continue answering questions. When you reconnect, any answers you have entered will auto-save. Make sure you keep checking the auto-save indicator at the top left of the screen whilst taking your exam.

I am unable to submit my video file

If your video file is too large, you may have issues submitting. Gradescope recommends a maximum file size of 100MB. Try reducing the file size by compressing or trimming your video.