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Do External Examiners need a Leeds IT account/username?

General Questions

All external examiners must have a University of Leeds IT account created before they can be given access to submissions and any other University systems (e.g. Minerva).

Relevant colleagues in the faculty/school/teaching unit will need to request a SAP record which will generate a University of Leeds username and password. Once this has been created, an email will be sent to the external examiner's personal email address. This email will tell them how to access their account, set up two factor authentication and self-service password reset and remind them to complete their compulsory cyber security training. There is more information on this process on the IT Services knowledge base article: How to get a username (staff).

For access to Minerva, external examiners must be added to the relevant modules on Banner with the correct role, to ensure they have the correct permissions. Please check the staff roles available in Minerva before requesting a staff role for a module.

For more information please see the External Examiner Handbook. As part of the induction process, external examiner's with a Leeds username should also receive training and relevant guidance.

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